"The biggest asset of a company is represented by its customers”.

On this vision we have founded our company.
We want to ensure customer confidence, far beyond the sale.
For this reason our product is combined with organizational procedures that ensures timely interventions and the best possible support



Our pride and joy.

The first assistance we provide is the care we take when we manufacture a machine.

We put this alongside a post-sale support service which has been consolidated over time allowing us to guarantee our customers timely interventions according to the most developed models of customer care.

For our customers with greater requirements we offer programmed maintenance contracts of various types, from the “Basic” model up to the “All inclusive” package.


Long and short term.

In a changing market that drives our customers to hyper-competition we have developed rental services to offer a further solution in terms of efficiency:

Long term hire
Rental service includes “All inclusive” insurance, programmed maintenance contract and final redemption.
Minimum duration: 3 years
Maximum duration: 5 years

Short term hire
Rental service includes “All inclusive” insurance and programmed maintenance contract.
Minimum duration: 6 months



Real time control and management

- Based on a Kernel Linux module

- Cloud data management system

- Web interface with access credentials

- Monitor tester or functional synoptic

- Constant detection of system status

- Storage of work cycles

- Tracking and geolocation

- Ad hoc queries


The “all inclusive” service for
maximum efficiency over time

For those who want maximum support it is possible to create a contract that includes programmed interventions with costs that are certain and fixed over time.

Choosing a programmed maintenance service means maximising efficiency, reducing machine stoppages to a minimum and ensuring the best possible assistance. The contract is based on the machine features and type of use.

Our technicians are available in order to offer the best made-to-measure contract.