Our technical office, in partnership with a leading company in industrial design, develops cutting edge machines and systems that can anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers.



Endless improvement

When a machine is commissioned, the first step of the manufacturing process is the analysis of customer requirements, which includes the evaluation of existing technical solutions and possible improvements in terms of product and service.

After the prototyping, the machine is tested and developed. Once the quality control is valid, the production starts.

We constantly verify the validity of the choices made in order to operate a programmed continuous improvement.

In choosing a Scalvenzi product you bring to your side the best in waste management research over the last 35 years.


Why settle for standard?

Every day our customers face their target markets to serve them as best they can. It is our task to provide machines, services and systems to achieve results that live up to expectations.

For this purpose the “made to measure” service supports our customers to understand, respond and actively collaborate to find the best solution for their needs.