Our history crosses 150 years of local economic history. Over the years we have been protagonists in various different markets, from agriculture to environmental hygiene.

In 1982 we formed a cooperative company that lead us into conversion of our target market, embracing an emerging industry: environmental hygiene.


Since then we have made great progress, maintaining the spirit that our cooperative was started with: approaching the market as producers of excellence based on innovations and choices.

We are deeply convinced that our customers’ investments have to be rewarded with efficient and reliable products, with great ability to last over time.

When a customer purchases a machine, faces an investment that involves programming costs from the initial stage, where assessment of the purchase cost takes on greater weight. However, an efficient machine allows you to work smarter and reliable machine allows a significant reduction in maintenance costs. Finally a machine with a standard performance cycle that is more durable over time results in an easier and cheaper replacement programme.


Driven by the seriousness that has always distinguished us, we look to the future with care, developing ever-better products in terms of performance and efficiency, applying what has always distinguished us: know how, quality and customer service.